Miss Massachusetts Teen USA

Annika Sharma

Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 2020

Annika Sharma is an 18-year old freshman at Boston College planning to major in Finance with a minor in Marketing. She hopes to one day become the CEO of her own company in the fashion industry. As one of the 2019 Governor’s STEM scholars, selected to network with STEM professionals and research organizations across the country, Annika hopes to empower young women to go into business and underrepresented STEM fields. Additionally, she was a teen docent at the Liberty Science Center in 2015, where she coordinated activities for children interested in STEM and was an invited keynote speaker at the annual volunteer dinner for the program. In 2018, Annika was invited to Washington D.C for a week immersed in political science. Throughout this week, she attended a meeting with Senator Cory Booker, a House floor meeting, and viewed a Supreme Court decision in-person. As a student researcher in high school, Annika also studied cardiovascular disease among teens at the Steinhardt School of Nutrition. This experience allowed her to work with a professor in the department and presented her paper entitled, “Adherence to a Mediterranean-Style diet in Urban and Rural Obese and Overweight College Students” at the Diversity Summer Student Research Conference in New York City. She used this research to publish her own online cookbook called “The Healthy Teen”, hoping to empower young teens to develop a healthier lifestyle. In 2016, Annika also founded a Girl Talk chapter, which is a peer-to-peer mentorship group where high school girls mentor middle school girls through their most formative pre-teen years. This experience taught her the power of confidence when women support other women, and she hopes to continue starting new Girl Talk Chapters throughout Massachusetts. Being the first Indian-American Miss Massachusetts Teen USA, Annika celebrates diversity and strong female representation as a titleholder. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, baking, film and photography, running, and exploring Boston with her friends!

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