Each contestant is required to submit their Official Headshot for the 2023 pageant program book and website. You may shoot with any professional photographer of your choice, but the photo must meet our requirements. We have provided names and contact information of our Official Headshot Photographers. Please reach out to them directly for pricing and further information.

Q: What do I wear for my headshot?

A: You may wear any bright colored top or dress of your liking. Fashionable accessories are also recommended.

Q: Can I choose any backdrop color?

A: The background color for ALL contestant headshots will be white this year.

REMINDER: If you choose to not shoot with a photographer prior to Orientation, we will be providing a photographer at Orientation for a fee of $25. Please keep in mind, this photograph will be done rather quickly and the staff will be selecting the photograph that will be used for the program book and website.