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Orientation – Burlington Marriott – Burlington, MA

January 8, 2023

Preliminary Event – Burlington Marriott – Burlington, MA

Saturday, January 28, 2023

host hotel: Burlington Marriott – Burlington, MA
Final Show & Crowning – Burlington Marriott – Burlington, MA

Sunday, January 29, 2023

host hotel: Burlington Marriott – Burlington, MA

Competition Information

Rules & Eligibility

To Qualify

If you are single (never married), never given birth to a child, a United States citizen, a resident or full-time college student in the state of Massachusetts, and between the ages of 14 and 27, we invite you to APPLY TODAY! Our program is designed to be an excellent vehicle for advancing your career and personal goals.

Miss Massachusetts Teen USA

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All Birthdates During

Miss Massachusetts USA

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Judging Criteria

As a contestant, you will be judged in three equal categories – Personal Interview, Activewear (Teen)/Swimsuit (Miss), and Evening Gown. There is no performing talent competition. Our judges will come from throughout the country and will include celebrities and business people who could impact your career choices. This will prove to be one of the most exciting weekends of your life…and we know that you will want to be with us!




Activewear (Teen Only)


Swimsuit (Miss Only)


Evening Gown

INTERVIEW [33%] – Pageant judges spend time with each delegate to learn about her successes, talents, goals and ambitions. Attention is focused on her poise, charm, self – confidence and her ability to communicate, as well as the substance of her answers.

ACTIVEWEAR (TEEN)/SWIMSUIT (MISS) [33%] – Attention is focused on beauty of the face, figure, physical fitness and the confidence with which each contestant carries herself. Numerical measurements are not considered in the judging.

EVENING GOWN [33%] – Each delegate wears a gown she has chosen for herself. Attention is focused on each contestant’s overall appearance, self-confidence, sense of style and the beauty she brings to the gown of her choice.

There is no performing talent competition and no previous pageant experience is necessary.

About Our Winners

The Miss Massachusetts USA and Miss Massachusetts Teen USA Pageants are looking for ambassadors to represent Massachusetts, not only here in the state, but also nationally.

Although the winners may not score the highest in every category, they will do well in each. They will be young women who possess many positive attributes, including poise, personality, intelligence and beauty. It is vital that they understand that, along with the prizes and glamour, there comes a responsibility to the pageant system, our sponsors, the community, and to Massachusetts. The winners immediately become role models, assuring it will be a year of personal growth and maturing that money cannot buy.

Benefits & Goals

The Miss Massachusetts USA and Miss Massachusetts Teen USA Pageants share a number of goals:

  • To offer a venue where young women, from 14 to 27 years old, can grow personally in poise, confidence, goal-setting, public speaking and communication skills, physical fitness, and self-discipline.
  • To open doors and provide career and educational opportunities, not only to the winner, but to all the young women who participate.
  • To provide a positive alternative to the many destructive activities that lure today’s youth.
  • To promote our various sponsors throughout the state.
  • To involve contestants and titleholders in community service programs and charities.
  • To help increase literacy throughout Massachusetts as the special cause of the Miss Massachusetts USA pageant.
  • In conjunction with Miss USA, to raise awareness of Breast and Ovarian Cancer.
  • In conjunction with Miss Teen USA, to promote the Youth Anti-Drug Campaign.