Miss Massachusetts Teen USA

Lexi Woloshchuk is an 18-year-old teenager who has been born and raised in Monson, Massachusetts. She has been a high honor roll student for 12 years now and plans to go to college for a Communications major and a Business minor at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut. Lexi has a passion for Fashion as she travels to New York City weekly for modeling opportunities and hopes to expand her career even further. As a girl who always has a plan, Lexi would love to go on to become an event planner for major fashion weeks and be on the other side of the shows as she usually models in them. As she grows up she hopes to stay involved in the fashion industry but be the planner of these events. Lexi also has a video blog on YouTube called Life with Lexi, as she speaks about empowering girls to be more confident and show their beauty from the inside out. She talks about confidence on Motivation Monday’s as well as ways to stay healthy and to feel motivated and beautiful on the inside. She also has fashion Friday’s, as she loves the latest trends, she shares them on her video blog so everyone can stay up to date on the latest styles of the season. Keeping the confidence going, Lexi also works with an organization called She’s the First which helps girls in low-income countries receive an education and feel empowered, raising over $800 on her own selling custom fashionable bracelets, as well as over $26,000 from her and a group of many runners that are sponsored, she raises money for every mile that they run.